Absolutely no better summer show than Surfin' USA. None! Treating the legacy of the Beach Boys the way it should be done. A perfect evening for everyone!

Chris Stewart Events Coordinator | City of Olathe, KS

They have taken on the herculean task of conquering the most divine harmonies in rock 'n' roll. The music of the Beach Boys comes to life in sight and sound with the sights and sound of Surfin' USA!

Steve Ozark Owner | Ozark Talent

With their wide vocal range, intricate harmonies, and overall musical ingenuity, The Beach Boys created a look and sound that would seem impossible to recreate. But Surfin' USA pull off the impossible: A Beach Boys experience that you need to see and hear. Catch a wave & you're sitting on top of the world ... again!

Jeffery Calkins Owner | Aztec Shawnee Theater

This band isn't just playing notes. They’re reviving the iconic Beach Boys harmonies with a precision that's downright impressive. And let's not forget, they're as cool and easygoing behind the scenes as they are skilled on stage.

Chad Bourquin Owner | Generation Relevant Entertainment

A year ago, our committee was looking for a live band that would appeal to a wide range of ages for our sorority convention. When we checked out Surfin’ USA band, we were so impressed. We booked this band immediately. They did not disappoint the night they played for us. In fact, 95 percent of those present said the band was the highlight of our three day event!

Bebe Bartholomew Organizer | MINK Convention

Surfin' USA was so good that we brought them back to the Missouri Theater for a second show. They knocked it out of the house. The instrumentation was spot on, and the vocals took us back to the original harmonies of The Beach Boys. They are a show you do not want to miss.

Roger Lenander Organizer | Imagine Eleven Concert Series

Surfin' USA brought life to my event and really hit it out of the park for a summer vibe! The crowds loved the music and performance, and I would bring them back every year. Great to work with, reasonably priced, and ready to rock!

Jenny Smith Events Coordinator | City of Mission, KS

Surfin' USA's harmonies will take you back to a time when life was simpler and the music was more intricate. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Mindy Hart Owner | PR Chick

I have had the privilege of seeing Surfin' USA on more than one occasion. It is evident the amount of work and time that these professionals have put in to deliver sonically a quality tribute to the sound of the Beach Boys!

Grant Greenlee Professional Musician

Surfin USA' is the real deal! They sound so authentic to the Beach Boys! Their concert has you dancing and singing along the whole time! It’s a show full of pure talent and enjoyment! It’s a must see!

Lavona Barton Wine Music Lover

Having seen both the Beach Boys and Surfin' USA, I can say that they are "True to the School" of the music, fun, and excitement of the original band. Their sound, show, AV, and excitement are second to no other tribute band! The presentation and performance is excellent and PURE FUN! ENJOY!

Rod Nelson Music Lover